Dinner Menu


Fresh mozzarella, roasted red peppers, fresh tomato and extra virgin olive oil
Grilled portobello mushroom cap with garlic and extra virgin olive oil
Eggplant rolled with ricotta cheese, prosciutto in a light pink vodka sauce
Lightly fried calamari tossed in lemon, garlic and white wine
Clams braised in a garlic white wine tomato sauce (spicy or light)
Shrimp Cocktail$14.95
Smoked Salmon Carpaccio$13.95
Caper, onion, olive oil & lemon

Insalata (Salad)

Insalata Mista$5.95
Mixed green salad, italian vinagrette dressing
Insalata Cesare$7.95
Anchovies upon request
Gorgonzola Salad$7.95
spring mix, red onions, rasberry vinaigrette walnuts and gorgonzola cheese
Sambuca Salad$7.95
Romaine, tomato, red onions, olive oil with balsamic vinegar, parmesan cheese
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All pasta cooked al dente. Choice of: Penne, Rigatoni, Linguine
Penne Vodka$16.95
Prosciutto, peas in a pink vodka sauce
Rigatoni Filetto Pomodoro$16.95
Sauteed with onions, prosciutto, fresh plum tomato sauce and basil
Spinach and cheese ravioli in a pink zinfandel sauce
Rigatoni No. 7$17.95
Ground sausage in pink vodka sauce
Penne Putanesca$16.95
tomatoe sauce, garlic, anchovies, olives, capers
Penne Broccoli and Chicken$17.95
Grilled chicken, broccoli, fresh tomato, olive oil and garlic
Rigatoni Bolognese$17.95
Meat sauce
Cavatelli Salciccia$17.95
Sausage, roasted peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, sauteed in extra virgin olive oil & garlic
Tortellini Gorgonzola$17.95
Cream gorgonzola sauce and walnuts
Linguine Vongole$21.95
Fresh clams in a white or red sauce
Linguine Soho$20.95
Shrimp, spinach, mushrooms, fresh tomato sauteed in an extra virgin olive oil & garlic


Pollo Della Casa$22.95
Chicken breast breaded in a parmesan cheese then sauteed with white wine, lemon and capers
Pollo Dijon$22.95
Chicken breast lightly breaded, pan fried then topped with mozzarella cheese, finished in a dijon mustard sauce and a touch of cream
Pollo Marsala$22.95
Chicken sauteed with marsala wine sauce and mushrooms
Pollo Parmigiana$21.95
Chicken parmigiana over linguine
Pollo Arrabbiata$23.95
Strips of chicken breast, sausage, hot peppers with wine and tomato sauce
Pollo Sambuca$24.95
Chicken breast, shrimp, mushrooms, sauteed samucca sauce with a touch of cream
Pork Gorgonzola$24.95
Pork loin scallopine, port wine sauce and mushrooms, gorgonzola cheese
Pork Milanese$24.95
Breaded and pan fried, served over green salad, tomatoes, onion with olive oil and balsamic vinegar
Vitello Sambuca$25.95
Veal scallopine lightly breaded, pan fried, topped with roasted peppers, provolone cheese in a garlic white wine sauce
Vitello Parmigiana$25.95
Vitello Bosciaiola$25.95
Veal scallopine, prosciutto, mushrooms sauteed in a marsala wine sauce
Shrimp Marsala$27.95
Shrimp with marsala wine sauce, mushrooms and a touch of cream
Shrimp Parmigiana$27.95
Shrimp parmigiana
Shrimp Bella Donna$27.95
Butterfly shrimp sauteed with cognac, sun dried tomato, dijon mustard and a touch of cream
Frutti Di Mare$29.95
Clams, shrimp, calamari in a tomato garlic sauce (spicy or light) over linguine
Black Angus NY Strip Steak$38.95
Grilled, topped with onions, mushrooms
Filet Mignon$41.95
8oz Grilled, topped with gorgonzola cheese in a port wine sauce
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Side Orders $6.00

Linguine with garlic and olive oil | Penne with tomato sauce | Sauteed spinach | Sauteed mushrooms | Sauteed broccoli